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Are you traveling overseas? Come talk to the team at Pharmacy 547. 

Our pharmacists have been trained to provide vaccinations, medicines and travel products based on your health status and travel plans.  

We'll help you identify what travel vaccinations you may require.


The Pharmacy 547 Travel Clinic team have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the clinic. For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the Pharmacy 547 contact details. 

I am travelling overseas and am wanting to see the Pharmacy 547 Travel Clinic team, what do I do first?

The first thing to do if you are wishing to make an appointment at the Travel Clinic is to go to our website, and to fill out the Pre- Trip Questionnaire. This questionnaire is essential for the team to understand your travel plans, and is best utilised when completed accurately and with as much detail as possible. We will then be in touch to book an appointment, where you will meet with a team member for specialised travel treatment.

How long before my trip should I fill out the Pre-Trip Questionnaire/book an appointment?

Plan as early as possible, preferably 6-8 weeks before departure. The earlier you visit the Travel Clinic the better. This is because some immunisations require time to protect you, it will minimise your travel risks while you're away, and allows you to plan what is best for you during your trip. However, should you be commencing your travel plans at short notice, it is never too late to vaccinate and prepare for your trip. Having some protection is better than none, so it's never too late to contact the Pharmacy 547 Travel Clinic team.

Can I go to my regular GP or family doctor for travel advice and vaccines?

Travel Medicine is what we do at the Pharmacy 547 Travel Clinic, and it is likely you will be referred to a travel specialist from your usual GP. We are here to give up to date, specialised travel advice and administer vaccines as a 'one stop shop' before you travel. Our team will spend the time needed necessary to ensure you are equipped with the right medication and advice for your travel plans.
We will save you time and money by only having one appointment, as a result of a completed Pre-Trip Questionnaire.

What will happen during my visit to the Travel Clinic at Pharmacy 547?

  • The Travel Clinic team will provide you with an overview of the risks for your trip and reiterate important advice including: current disease outbreaks in your destination(s), food and water precautions, altitude sickness, insect avoidance and anti-malarial guidance, animal hazards, first aid, travel insurance, and safety and security concerns.
  • We will recommend what vaccines you will need to protect yourself, which will be administered on the day by our team in the majority of cases. 
  • Our team will also discuss what to do if you become ill on return from travel and the signs and symptoms to be aware of.
  • All of the information, advice, vaccines and medications provided will be tailored to your personal travel plans and medical background.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Records of any past immunisations, which can be obtained from your GP.
  • Your Travel Vaccination Passport if you hold one currently.
  • Your travel itinerary - the more information the better: including countries, cities, tours, day trips and planned activities, and the type of accommodation.
  • Your passport if you are having the yellow fever vaccine.
  • Any information regarding your medical history, including medical conditions or medications we should know about.

How long will I be at the clinic?

After filling out thePre-Trip Questionnaire, you will then be invited to a consultation that last around 30 minutes. However, this period of time can change if you have complex travel needs or vaccinations, which require a 20 minute waiting time after being administered. You can contact our team to ensure you allow enough time for your appointment.

What is the cost involved for the travel clinic?

The cost can vary depending on the advice and vaccinations needed. No two visits are the same, therefore we cannot predict the cost of each individual consultation. However, feel free to ring our team to find our more information on what to expect.